Even 2000 years ago, Jesus knew that talking about money – how we use it and where it comes from – was the only way to save us from being consumed by it. Here at South Church, we believe in cultivating faithful and transparent conversations about finances – both our personal finances and church finances.

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Whether you’re a member of South Church of not, you can use our online giving platform to make a one time gift to support our general ministries, register for a youth program, or make a gift to support relief efforts after a disaster. Simply follow the link below and follow the prompts. If your email is already in our system, or you’ve used it to give in the past, it will automatically link up with your previous gifts.

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Q: What is a pledge?

A pledge is a good faith promise by church members to give a set amount over a calendar year to support South Church. Pledges help our church leaders draft a responsible budget for the coming year. Last year 235 households made a commitment to sustain our programs and outreach throughout the year. Families choose to fulfill their pledge in a variety of ways: Monthly electronic donations, weekly checks, and/or one-time stock donations. (For those who are 70 and ½ years and own an IRA, there are significant tax advantages to donating directly to South Church (or any qualified 501(c)3 charity) from your IRA. Contact your IRA custodian for more information.)

There are three easy ways to pledge at South Church:

1. Realm – With just a few clicks, you can use our integrated church management software to make your pledge, set up your own recurring payments, and monitor your giving history. If you already have an account on Realm – which all current church members do – read the instructions and/or watch the videos below to learn how to register your account, pledge, and set up your giving on Realm. If you don’t know if you have an account with Realm, email Pastor Alex.

How To Register Your Realm Account:

How To Pledge on Realm:

1. Click here to access Realm
2. If you are not logged in, sign into your account with your email and self-created password.
3. On the left-hand side, click on “Community.”
4. Under the Community menu, Select “Giving
5. On the middle portion of the page, click the button that says “Pledge.”
6. Fill out the information on the page. Click “Save Pledge” to send your pledge to the church office. If you’d like to set up online giving to fulfill your pledge, click “Save and Set Up Online Gift.” The system will save you pledge and then take you to a new screen to securely enter your payment information.

Click here to access Realm

2. EmailClick here to email our financial administrator, Joanne, and let her know your pledge and how you plan to fulfill your pledge.

3. Pledge Card – If you didn’t receive a pledge card in the mail, or need a new one, stop by the church office or pick one up around worship on Sunday. When you’re ready to drop it off, you can come by the office whenever we’re open, put it in the offering plate on Sunday, or find the Giving Committee table (during giving season) at Fellowship Hour.

Fourth Century Fund (estate plans)
The Fourth Century Fund’s Legacy Society celebrates and thanks those who have made a provision for South Church in their estate plans.

Questions about financial giving? Contact Joanne, Financial Administrator

We’re proud that over 90% of our church budget is made possible by South Church families.

Unlike some churches that are supported by a denomination, South Church is primarily supported by families in the church. Some are from generations past who left legacy gifts, but the majority are folks you see on Sunday. These funds support our pastoral staff, youth and music programs, community and mission outreach and maintaining our historic building.

Every gift – no matter how big or small – can have an impact, and why we depend on every member and friend of South Church to prayerfully discern at what level their family can support our ministries.

When you give to South Church, you’ll always know where your gifts are going.

At South Church, we prioritize mission trips for our youth, meals for our hungry brothers and sisters, and affordable housing for our neighbors. From local soup kitchens and international disaster relief charities, to staff budgets and building maintenance, no matter the size of your gift you’ll be able to see how we use every dollar to minister to the greater Andover community and the world. Our financial administrator and church leaders work hard to prepare yearly narrative budgets that detail how the church finances have been used. Throughout the year, our church council receives monthly updates about the financial health of our church. When you take a look at the ministries of South Church, and how we use gifts, we think you’ll feel good about what you find.

Every gift – no matter how big or small – matters.

As a church supported 100% by our members and friends, every gift goes a long way. Most families support South Church by making a yearly “pledge.” Every year, families prayerfully consider how much they feel called and capable of giving to the church. There is no correct amount nor amount too small. Some families pledge $10 a month, while others pledge $5000 a year. The average pledge is around $2800 a year. While life situations arise and we are not always able to fulfill our pledge – grace abounds! Even when we’re uncertain about what next year will bring, any amount helps our volunteer leaders budget and plan ministries for the coming year.