Lenten Devotion Submissions

Credit: Barbara Stubenhaus

The deacons invite you to reflect on mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes…

This is the 30 year anniversary of the Lenten Devotion Tradition! Will you share a story of when you, nature, and God found each other together for a moment? Ask yourself, “Where have I stood on the rock of God?” or “When was I washed over by God’s love?” Where have you found God in nature?

It is a blessing to our whole community when you share very personal experiences of the Spirit in your life. There is a tradition in our church of asking each year for poems, essays, inspiration, of your own or of your choosing. We will publish all submissions in the Lenten Devotions.

We hope everyone will give of yourselves in this way during this year of discernment. Submission deadline is January 25th.

Click here to submit your devotion or email to LentenDevotions at SouthChurch.com