Meet our Members

Meet Josh and Allison
After living south of Boston, Josh and Allison settled down in Andover. They enjoy spending time with their two little ones and extended family in New Hampshire.

More about their experience...

What brought you to South Church?

After my parents’ pastor recommended South Church to us, we checked out the website and we thought we’d like to try it out. We happened upon the booth at Andover Day and immediately felt welcomed by Dana and Tom Jordan, which made us even more excited to check out the church. We hoped to find a church that would have a good youth program and was progressive. South Church appeared to fit the bill. We both grew up attending church regularly, but had not attended in many years during college. Once we settled down in Andover, we hoped to find a sense of community at South Church.

Why did you come back to South Church after your initial visit?

We felt so welcomed by everyone on Homecoming Sunday. It happened to be a beautiful day, and we decided to go to Punch at the Parsonage after church. Tom and Laura Jordan, and others, went out of their way to introduce us to people. It was also immediately clear that South Church was not just tolerant of different viewpoints and people from diverse backgrounds, but was truly welcoming, supportive, and loving of all people. We liked that this philosophy was explicitly stated at the beginning of the service, and we could see that people truly believed it. We were also able to drop our kids off in the nursery that first day, and we felt comfortable doing so. We could enjoy the service in peace!

What keeps you here?

The people, the truly inclusive philosophy of the church, and the opportunities for the kids to be involved.

Was there a memorable person or family from South Church that mattered most in your early days here?

Tom and Laura Jordan and Pastors Dana and Alex were so welcoming and easy to get to know.

Is there a particular service of the year that you enjoy most?

Homecoming Sunday, because that was our first service, and there is always a lot of excitement and energy.

 What is one thing you would want people to know about Christianity?

Going to South Church after growing up in a conservative Methodist church  showed that Christianity really can be a lot of the things that people may believe it is not. Christianity can and should be open and inclusive.

What would you say to someone considering a visit to South Church?

Check it out! If their initial experience is anything like ours was, they will want to come back.

Meet Char

Meet Lenore and Chris
When they aren’t on sports fields with their three young children, Chris and Lenore love to walk into town, head into Boston for just about anything, and spend time with friends.  Chris works in Boston as an attorney, while Lenore enjoys volunteering in town and they all love spending time on Cape Cod.

More about their experience...

Why did you come back to South Church after your initial visit?

We like the combination of traditional rituals and relevant theology.  You can come as you are and participate in the church community in a way that works for you without judgment.

What keeps you here?

The opportunity to reflect on Christian values, and to be surrounded by others who wish to do the same. The level of service that so many at South Church provide to others is extraordinary.

Is there a particular service of the year that you enjoy most?

We love the midnight candlelight Christmas Eve service.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Describe the funniest thing you’ve seen at church.

The huge silver, glittery, cardboard star that “travels” across the sanctuary during the children’s Christmas pageant, and has apparently done so for over 30 years.

What were some of the unexpected benefits of getting to know South Church?

Being intellectually challenged through sermons and continuing education, fellowship opportunity with peer groups, and just the silence that comes from sitting in a service.  When you have three kids, that silence is amazing!

What would you say to someone considering a visit to South Church?

There is no pressure here.  If it feels like a good fit, come back!  If not, you have more information about what you might be seeking.

Do you see your relationship/involvement with South Church changing in the future? If so, how?

Already it has changed.  After two – three years of attending without volunteering, we are both involved in committees at the church.  We enjoy our work here greatly.  Over time, we hope that our children are able to benefit from the youth programs and general community of support that exists for them as they grow and discover who they are.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dana and Alex are both pastors with a contagious passion for life.