Mission Trip 2019

Thank you for your interest in South Church’s high school mission trip to Keezletown, Virginia! Our trip is April 13th-20th.

Click here for details and registration.

Alternate Spring Break 2019

THINGS TO BRING (April climate in VA will be similar to Andover)

(Feel free to check the forecast for the week – Keezletown, VA. Casual clothes: comfortable for traveling, after hours (respect conservative dress code: no offensive T-shirts, short shorts, halter tops or cut off shirts/ shorts etc.)

  • Dress clothes: The Sunday worship service is a bit more formal than South Church’s normal Sunday worship -Girls: skirt (not mini, Knee length)/dress pants  -Boys: collared shirt/slacks (no jeans), tie is optional.
  • Flip Flops (for the shower) and a bath robe (optional)
  • Hat (to keep the sun off your head), sunscreen and insect repellent, sunglasses.
  • Sleeping bag tightly packed in a stuff sack (NOT in plastic bag), pillow and a twin sheet to cover the mattress.
  • Bath towels, washcloth, personal toiletries, extra glasses/contacts, and personal medication.
  • Nalgene or other refillable water bottle
  • Limited amount of spending money (traveler’s checks prevent theft ~$125) enough to buy 1 road lunch, 1 dinner,  snacks
  • Flashlight/headlamp, journal, pen, reading materials

THINGS TO BRING- Required for Work Sites

  • Informal work clothes: long pants,  and lots of T-shirts, socks, and underwear. Think in terms of layered dressing for work (long sleeve t-shirts, fleece, sweatshirts, jacket, raincoat). Respect conservative dress code.
  • Sturdy heavy soled work shoes or boots and a pair of sneakers (must have an extra pair of shoes in case it’s rainy/muddy etc.


  • Large stereos, TVs, valuable jewelry/items or excess money, knives, weapons of any kind


·         You only need to pack one bag, which will go in the cargo van on Friday night.  Optionally you can also bring a small (emphasis on small) backpack in the van for whatever you may need during the one day drive.