Officers, Boards, Committees

All serve from June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020

Marty Mason, Moderator
Bonnie Zeigler, Clerk
Chuck Crockett, Treasurer

Board of Deacons
Working closely with our pastors, Deacons serve as leaders in many capacities including leading worship, welcoming new members, and caring for members.
Greg Galat, Sr. Deacon
Emily O’Hara, Sr. Deacon
Board of Trustees
Working with the treasurer, the finance administrator, and the boards/committees, Trustees establish a budget for our church and oversee the physical building.
Iric Rex, Co-Chair
Trustees of the Trust Funds
Serving for six year terms, this group manages the church’s trust funds.
Jane Ingram (2021)
Duncan Pyle (2023)
Ted Jenkins (2025)
Board of Family Ministries
Focusing on young families, this board oversees all aspects of Christian Education including teacher recruitment/training and special events.
Julia Rutherford, Co-Chair
Board of Youth Ministries
Seeking to involve middle/high school youth in the total life of the church, this board provides focus for youth programs including fun youth events and Mission Trip fundraisers.
Martin McGrath, Co-Chair
Amy Joyall, Co-Chair
Board of World Service
Supporting all the core missions of the church, this board oversees the church’s mission budget.
Gavin Kelley, Co-Chair
Board of Women's Ministries
Fostering fellowship for women of the church, this board seeks to support women and children both in the church and in the greater community.
Chirstina Ouimet, Co-chair
Diane Morris, Chair
Giving Committee
Engaging the congregation, this board is responsible for annual pledge support, special gifts, and planned giving.
Vicki Hoyt, Co-Chair
Linda Zimmerman, Co-Chair
Nominating Committee
Helping members share their gifts, this committee recruits for church boards and committees.
Terry Guenard, Co-chair
Steve Longo, Co-chair
Music Committee
Striving to provide opportunities for all, this committee supports and nurtures our music program.
Graham Long, Co-Chair
Ellen VanArsdale, Co-Chair
Fellowship Committee
Hosting events, big and small, this committee brings the congregation together all year long.
David Strong, Chair
Flower Committee
Responsible for the flowers for all worship services, this committee also decorates the church for the different seasons.
Clara Wade, Business Manager
Donna Kelley, Chair
Memorial Gifts Committee
Responsible for receiving and acknowledging memorial gifts
Char Lyons, Chair
Library Committee
Collecting and maintaining material for our church library, this committee also publicizes and encourages use of those materials.
Carol-Georgine West, Chair
Assistant Treasurers
Mike Curry (Coordinator), Ellen Arvidson, Priscilla Bartle, Amie Hellauer, Al Joyall, Morgan Kiker, Char Lyons, Sandy Meldrum, Karen Perkins, Dot Tyler, Haley Joyall, Carolyn Parker, Ella Abourjaily
Members at Large to the Church Council
Candy Dann, Dave VanArsdale
Coordinator of Ushers
Margaret Crockett with Assistant Coordinators \Carol & Brian Carmichael, Rick Esposito, Terri Guenard, Amie Hellauer, Candy Dann, Susan Henke
  • Northeast Association of the UCC: Janet Clarke, Bill Schroeder
  • Communities Together: Priscilla Bartle, Sandy Meldrum
  • Massachusetts Conference, UCC: Janet Clarke, Jennifer Rogers