6. Jesus and Transformations

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves
and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

Luke 9:23

People of faith will choose faith over fear in the bold pursuit of a new and better future. And, rather than relying on a detailed plan for achieving that new life, they will embark on a faith journey, which will open their eyes to new opportunities they had never seen or considered before.

I’m addicted to home renovation shows on HGTV. I love that someone can look at an old, run-down house and see its potential as a neighborhood gem. They have the ability to see beyond “what is” and envision “what can be.”

While they have a future vision as of the renovated house that guides them, they know that they will encounter unexpected obstacles that will make many of their plans obsolete. They are on a faith journey to transform these homes.

Ministry of Jesus

When I read the New Testament, I see the life and ministry of Jesus as being filled with positive transformations.

His first miracle at the wedding feast at Cana was to transform water into wine. He went on to transform fishermen into fishers of men (and women).

He transformed the lives of tax collectors, prostitutes, and those with disabilities, illnesses, and evil spirits. Finally, he himself was transformed by God from a physical being to a spiritual being on Easter.

So when Jesus tells many of those he encountered to “follow me,”

I wonder if he is
calling us to instigate positive transformations in the world.

Can we, like the house renovators, identify something in the world that could be much better than it is now?

Maybe it is the life of someone that with some care and attention, can lead to
happiness or confidence.

Maybe it is an organization that is so focused on its financial statements that it is overlooking the needs of its employees or customers.

Maybe it is a community that is so stuck on operating “the way we have always operated” and is overlooking the possibilities of a new, vibrant future.

By believing in the power of positive transformation and our willingness to take on a faith journey with those in need, people of faith can be following the command of Jesus to “follow me.”

As Christians, I believe we are uniquely qualified
to be agents of change in the world.

We are able to see how letting God’s love flow into areas that are blocking it now can bring about a better, happier, more compassionate world.

Our confidence and commitment to the value of a faith journey to boldly embody God’s love and compassion could inspire others to do the same.

In future posts, we will explore how positive transformation is a two-way street. What we give in service to others will determine what we get.

Doug Bate
Service Central