SUPERCHARGED will train your mind, body, and spirit as you complete five missions.  Where to start? Click here to read our welcome letter. It is full of helpful tips and details for caregivers and kids. After that, check out the lists below full of Supercharged activities, complete with online training resources.

Keep in mind….We don’t do anything alone. Not even our socially-distanced VBS program! Join us on Zoom at 4:00pm on July 9th, 16th and 23rd at 4pm. Our Superheroes will check in with each other, share what they’ve done, and do an activity together! If you ever get stuck, reach out to your Team Leader. Their information, and your Zoom links, can be found in your yellow Superhero Supplies bag.

When we supercharge our lives with bravery, we remember that bravery isn’t being afraid of something and doing it anyway. Bravery is facing our fear with the help of our friends, family and God. We remember that Daniel didn’t face the lion’s den alone – he had God with him and protecting him. Your mission… should you choose to accept it… is to SUPERCHARGE your life with bravery by facing fears, trying new things and calling on God and loved ones to help.

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Wit” is a funny word, huh? If someone said to you, “You have a sharp wit.” or “Keep your wits about you.” What they’re trying to say is “keep your mind sharp and quick, always be thinking!” Esther was someone like that – she could think so many big thoughts and very quickly, too. She had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and her thoughtfulness helped her save the day. Your mission…should you choose to accept it… Is to SUPERCHARGE your life with wit by asking lots of questions and thinking outside the box!

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In order to SUPERCHARGE your life with kindness, we need to know kindness first, right? Of course! When you live a life of kindness, you’re asking questions like: how can I help? How can I show love and care? These are such important questions, and we learn the answer from our friend Ruth. Ruth knew that kindness meant showing people they aren’t alone, just like Ruth reminded Naomi that she wasn’t alone. Your mission… should you choose to accept it… is to SUPERCHARGE your life with kindness by reminding yourself and others that you are not alone – you have friends, family and God on your side!

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Elijah was someone who knew how to make something called “Good Trouble.” Good trouble is when you tell the truth, even when it feels scary. Making good trouble requires something called boldness! Boldness shows us how to proclaim God’s news in the world with a loud voice and a full heart. Your mission… should you choose to accept it… is to be bold in sharing God’s love and faithfulness!

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Hooray! Our final mission is to celebrate the love of Jesus and to love like Jesus loves. Thank Goodness! Thank God-ness that Jesus shows us to love so well!

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